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Sand-Knit 100 Year Anniversary

“2021 marks 100 years of Sand Knit influence and innovation in team sporting goods and apparel.”

In 1921, John Sand founded a company based on the principles of manufacturing quality products and meeting customer expectations with the help of people who truly care. Today, Ripon Athletic is proud to carry on the tradition of excellence and passion that John Sand started a century ago.

This video series will help to capture just a few of the most critical elements driving the success and longevity of Sand Knit.

A Great American Tradition For 100 Years

For 100 years, Sand Knit and Ripon Athletic have produced uniforms for the pros that were made in America. The impact this has had on their local community and the sporting goods industry as a whole cannot be measured.

Investing in People for 100 Years

At Sand Knit and Ripon Athletic, PEOPLE have always been the key to success. The passion and pride they pour into every order, every uniform and every single stitch is the common thread that ties the last 100 years of greatness together.

100 Years Old: What It Means To Sand Knit And Ripon Athletic

In 1921 John Sand II founded Sand Knitting Mills. Throughout the long history of Sand Knit and Ripon Athletic, many innovative processes, products, and people have significantly impacted the sporting goods industry. Over the course of the next year we plan to share them with you.

Caring About People For 100 Years

Over the course of the last century, one of the most important aspects of the culture at Sand Knit and Ripon Athletic has been the way everyone cares for one another like a family. In this testimonial, several long-time Sand Knit and Ripon Athletic team members share their experience.

A Source of Pride for 100 Years

For a century, Sand Knit and Ripon Athletic’s quality is what has set them apart. Each and every garment that ships out of the facility in Berlin, Wisconsin endures tremendous scrutiny to make sure it is up to the standard, and each Ripon team member takes immense pride in keeping that standard raised high.

Putting Customers First For 100 Years

At Sand Knit and Ripon Athletic, customer service is not a clich√©. They have the professionalism, compassion and technical knowledge to handle any issue that comes their way, and they always go the extra mile to ensure their customers’ satisfaction.

Skilled & Knowledgeable Professionals

Sand Knit and Ripon Athletic has built their century-long legacy through the exceptional work of skilled and knowledgeable professionals. Their excellent leadership drives a peerless uniform-manufacturing team.

Reinvesting in Infrastructure, Machinery & Equipment

For the last century, the leadership for Sand Knit and Ripon Athletic have been intentional about reinvesting in infrastructure, machinery and equipment. The results speak for themselves, with a brand and a company that has withstood the test of time.

The Cutting Edge Of Uniform Style, Material & Process Innovation

Over the last century, Sand Knit and Ripon Athletic have been a driving force behind the innovation of athletic uniforms. From the Dallas Cowboys’ “shiny pants” to the Houston Astros’ “sunset stripe,” they have been at the forefront of some of the most landmark evolutions in uniforms, which still has a profound impact on style and materials used to this day.